Gino Vannelli releases brand new album ‘Wilderness Road’

Immediate release

Former Montrealer to play two concerts at Place des Arts

 March 11, 2019 – On April 5, Gino Vannelli will release ‘Wilderness Road’, his 20th album.  Known for hits such as I Just Wanna Stop, Wild Horses,  Black Cars, Living Inside Myself, People Gotta Move, Appaloosa,Nightwalker and Brother to Brother the Montreal-born artist will return to Montreal for two concerts at Théâtre Maisonneuve de la Place des Arts, April 26 and 27.

“I was in the coffee shop above the studio, about to sit to lunch, when I noticed a woman pushing a man in a wheelchair. They entered the small bistro and took a space close to me. It might have been a stroke or some debilitating disease that left the middle-aged man mostly paralyzed and unable to speak coherently. At times he shook violently before trying to get a word out. He seemed to be her long-time spouse.       Other than a sense of sorrow, what struck me deeply about the situation was the woman’s calmness and sincerity when addressing the incapacitated man, as if, in her eyes, he was exactly the man he most probably used to be. I sat and marveled at her kindness and grace. To my mind there went a real-life unsung hero. I wrote ‘Yet Something Beautiful’ almost immediately after.”


Life is cruel there ain’t no denyin’

At times too heavy a cross to bear

And yet something beautiful

When love is there


“Wilderness Road, the new record, is filled with a host of stories that I have kept close to my heart for the last five years—the time it took to write and record the album. Playing most of the instruments, adding a touch of Americana to my customary influences of soul and jazz, combined with a more narrative lyric approach, my twentieth album is an altogether musical endeavor apart from all others I have undertaken in my career.”

Gino Vannelli is the recipient of multiple Juno awards and Grammy nominations, and he has sold more than 10 Million records world-wide. Since his debut release of Crazy Life, in 1973, Gino has remained one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music.


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Gino Vannelli, ‘Wilderness Road’

Available on line and in stores, April 5, 2019.


Gino Vannelli in concert
Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27
8 PM
Théâtre Maisonneuve de la Place des Arts
Tickets:  $89.50$, $69.50, $59.50, $49.50
(taxes included / service charge extra)
Available now at Place des Arts box office.




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